About Eye Itch

80% of allergy patients suffer from
bothersome eye itch.

Clinically tested Alaway* starts working in minutes, and gives you up to 12 hours of relief in every drop, right where you need it.

What causes Allergies?

When people prone to allergies come into contact with allergens, their immune system can overreact.

When this happens, immune cells called mast cells release large amounts of histamine, which binds to receptors in tissues, causing them to enlarge or dilate. It's your body's way of fighting off the allergen.

Allergy Symptoms (Experienced Among Allergy Medication Users)
Eye itch is among the most common symptoms experienced by allergy medication users.
Eye Symptoms (Net)
Itchy Eyes
Nasal Symptoms (Net)
Sinus Symptoms (Net)
Respiratory/Throat (Net)

What Triggers Eye Allergies?

When you encounter allergens, your eyes may become swollen, red, watery, itchy and irritated.

Allergens that can trigger eye itch include:

  • Ragweed
  • Pollen
  • Grass
  • Animal hair
  • Dander

How Can Alaway Help?

Alaway non-prescription antihistamine eye drops are designed to relieve certain eye itch symptoms. It provides eye itch relief within minutes - relief that lasts up to 12 hours.

Ketotifen (active ingredient in Alaway) has 3 anti-allergic effects:

  1. Blocks the histamine (H1) receptors
  2. Stabilizes the mast cell membrane (to reduce histamine release), and
  3. Prevents accumulation of eosinophils (which contribute to allergic inflammation)

Alaway is the original Rx-strength formula available over the counter. With Alaway you don't have to suffer with itchy eyes waiting for allergy pills to kick in. Instead, you get fast-acting and long-lasting relief in a single dose, right where you need it.

*In a 108-patient randomized, double-masked, active and placebo-controlled study (P=0.001 for onset of action and < 0.001 for duration of activity).